Window Box Competition & People's Choice Home Garden Competition

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Register your window box or traffic island

Businesses and residents can use this link for the window box competition

Register here by July 19th

Register your home garden

Residents looking to enter the People's Choice Home Garden Competition can use this link

Register here by July 19th

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the window box competition?

The window box competition is a long-running Salem tradition hosted by the Salem Beautification Committee and the Salem Garden Club. Residents are welcome to enter a window box into the competition while businesses will be judged on their window boxes as a whole. Businesses who sponsor traffic islands may also enter their traffic islands as a separate category.

What is the timeline for the window box competition?

Registration will open June 7th and conclude on July 19th. Judging will take place over several days from July 27-30 by the Salem Garden Club and it is expected that you will keep your window box well maintained throughout that period.

What am I judged on?

Overall Appearance - First Impression
Form & Design - Use of plant material
Color Scheme - Use of Color Combos, Monochromatic, Contrast, Etc.
Maintenance- Dead-headed, weeded, watered, etc.
+ Bonus for native plants

When is the awards ceremony?

The awards ceremony will take place during Heritage Days at the Woman's Friend Society on Hawthorne Blvd. Details to follow.

What is the people's choice garden competition?

This year we are encouraging everyone involved in planting, not only those with window boxes, to get involved and show off their garden. So take a picture of your garden by the registration deadline, upload it in the Google Form above, and we will compile it with all of the other submissions for voting the week of July 22.

How will you know it's my garden in the photo?

Members of the beautification committee will stop by the homes of the 3 winners to confirm that the garden matches the picture submitted. If the picture is not similar to what we see in real life (different home, plants, etc) then the image will be disqualified from receiving an award.

What if my home garden isn't ready for judging yet?

No problem, just wait until closer to July 19th to upload your photo when you are ready! We will send reminders on social media and via email about these deadlines as they approach.

Vote for your favorite home garden!

Photos for the people's choice will be on display below.

Link to vote for them will be posted here on July 22nd and voting will be open until July 31st.


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